Coin College

We are a group of Blockchain fans and crypto experts who own and have known Bitcoin from its earliest days. After over a decade, we realized that the main reason why people didn’t adopt this wonderful technology was a lack of knowledge, and we decided to take action and build this wonderful academy.

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Unlock the Power of the Crypto World with Confidence and Ease!

Are you ready to explore the vast potential of the crypto world but feeling overwhelmed by its complexities? Look no further! Our meticulously crafted "Digital Currencies Guide Booklet" is your ultimate companion on the journey to mastering cryptocurrencies.


  • Decentralization and centralization
  • The history of the crypto world from 2009 to today
  • Bitcoin's 4-year cycle and the crossing process
  • Different types of consensus/agreement mechanisms
  • What are smart contracts
  • What is DeFi
  • The different groups of cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Moving averages technical analysis
  • 3 Important indicators for technical analysis
  • What is 'market cap' in crypto
  • What is Tokonomics
  • Cryptocurrency research page
  • The vocabulary of the crypto world
  • The WEB3 revolution and how it will improve our lives
  • Useful links and websites

And so much more!