Crypto Specialist Career Plan

Our world is changing rapidly and with it the new types of jobs. Professions that are considered common today did not exist at all two or three years ago. And yet there is a growing demand for these jobs, led by a new profession - The Crypto Specialist

Speak with a crypto Specialist

Crypto Specialist, what is it exactly?

Whether you will become an instructor of one of the thousands of the Coin - College crypto courses around the world, or if you will become a company crypto advisor, you must do it based on formal education. Only in this way will you be able to present yourself to new customers and large companies in an official and respectful manner.

Sophisticated toolbox

Successful people with people who are constantly in a state of learning. They are constantly acquiring more and more tools to improve their abilities. As a crypto specialist you need to have a sophisticated toolbox. We have prepared for you the most comprehensive curriculum that takes you step by step till you've reached your desired career. Blockchain, crypto, smart contracts, day trading, and day-to-day dealing with digital currencies - all in one course.

And much more than that!

Online marketing, Public speaking, Selling techniques and even time management are some of the additional topics you will learn in this course.

A long line of clients 

A long line of clients waiting

There are so many potential clients around you right now who need you. People who want to buy Bitcoin and do not know how. People who want to start trading digital currencies. People who are stuck with their crypto wallet and need a professional by their side. And even businesses that want to start getting crypto as payment and do not know how. All of these people need you.

We never stop keeping 
                    up to date

We never stop keeping up to date

Being part of a community of experts means you are never alone. To study in our academy is to belong to an international community of experts just like you. When you graduate you will be able to belong to this international community. Learn from your colleagues around the world and enjoy their knowledge and experience.

Experience plus Certificate 
                      are what make the difference

Experience plus Certificate are what make the difference

The knowledge you will acquire in this course is based on many years of experience in all the subjects taught in it. This is a course that aims to give you a new profession and career. When you finish it and become a graduate, you will feel how each part you have learned will serve you to achieve more successful results. In addition, you will receive a certificate that will officially certify that you are a qualified professional.

The Crypto Specialist Course Curriculum

So many great lessons just to make you the best crypto professional. You've got everything you need. Time management Selling and even private one-on-one sessions with our top specialists.
Don’t you?

All of this in one purpose - Making You The Best Crypto Instructor


The Certified Crypto Agent Course

  • What is Bitcoin What is Blockchain Bitcoin History in few minutes
  • What is a Bitcoin Wallet What are the differences The Global Bitcoin community
  • Marketing tools
  • The Bitcoin Agent Selling Tools
  • The Bitcoin Agent Revenues and Budget Management Tools

How To Manage My Time Effectively

  • The Time Management Course For Business Owners (4 parts)
  • The Best 18 Time Management Skills

The Complete Selling Skills course

  • The 4 P's method
  • Don't be a nice guy
  • Take the next step
  • Abundance
  • Do you feel like a leader?

Trading course - Indicators

  • Bitcoin and Crypto trading
  • The Volume Indicator
  • The MA indicator
  • The MACD indicator
  • Indicators 1 – Practice Video
  • Indicators 2 – Practice Video
  • Indicators 3 – Practice Video
  • The RSI indicator
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • The Parabolic SAR indicator
  • The Bollinger Band Indicator

Accepting Bitcoin in your business

  • The Benefits of using Bitcoin as payment
  • What is Bitcoin? What is blockchain and crypto? And how can it benefit
  • Using Bitcoin in a smart and safe way
  • Implementing a Bitcoin payment terminal at your business. Step by step
  • Bitcoin as a great marketing strategy
  • Making the most of your website using Bitcoin payment system
  • Keeping you safe with rules and regulations
  • Financing your business using the power of of Bitcoin

Trading course - Basics

  • Key Terms Every Trader Must Know – Part 1
  • Key Terms Every Trader Must Know – Part 2
  • Key Terms Every Trader Must Know – Part 3
  • Introduction to Technical Trading – Part 1
  • Introduction to Technical Trading – Part 2
  • Japanese Candlesticks – Part 1
  • Japanese Candlesticks – Part 2
  • Japanese Candlesticks Practical
  • Basic Terms Of Investments Assets

Trading course - Advanced

  • Stocks Trading
  • Trading Indices
  • The Best Times to Trade
  • Crude Oil Trading
  • Fibonacci
  • Commodities Trading
  • Trading State of Mind
  • Arbitrage Trading
  • The Ichimoku Cloud Indicator

The special offer also includes:

  • 5 private online lessons - LIVE
  • 3 profetional presentations designed for you
  • 24/7 back office support
  • 10 designed banners and marketing kits
  • Official crypto instructor certificate
  • Selling tools
  • Your own Coin College email

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