About us

We are a group of Blockchain fans and crypto experts who own and have known Bitcoin from its earliest days. After over a decade, we realized that the main reason why people didn’t adopt this wonderful technology was a lack of knowledge, and we decided to take action and build this wonderful academy.

But this is no ordinary academy. This school trains the professionals themselves. Knowing the global market has created a very strong need for crypto instructors and professional consultants, this academy has emerged. Most of the staff who founded this academy serve as a crypto consultant to individuals and companies on a day-to-day basis.

All the material taught here is based on years of experience and is built in the best way to give you students the tools needed for success in the field. We believe in building a great community and creating a network of alumni from all over the world who support each other and enrich each other from the experience and knowledge they have gained.

We are a group of market analysts, blockchain programmers, and academic businessmen. We fell in love with his industry from its early days and we have decided to build an institution which will lead a new stream of teachers and instructors to the crypto field.

We are committed and dedicated to the success of our alumni and we know that we are going to lead the revolution over a better economic world. The success of the school and the success of the graduates is the success we are aiming for. We know we are doing something good for the welfare of the common people so we are convinced that together we will succeed. You are welcome to join the revolution.