Top Ranked Crypto Companies

The world of crypto has had an impressive ride in 2020. From Bitcoin's drop to $3,800 in March amidst the coronavirus crisis, to its surge crossing the All-Time-High of $19,783 mark in the last day of November.

Why do we need Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-fungible tokens may sound too complicated until you know them better! They are not virtual assets only, but artworks, real-world assets, and much more interesting embodiments you have to know about, and definitely have to try out.

Tether (USDT) will Tank the Cryptocurrency Market?

First, let’s go back to the 9th of July last year when The New York Court approved an investigation to study all the businesses behind the stablecoin Tether (USDT).

6-Figure Bitcoin Price Predictions Updated

Total cryptocurrency market volume has surged a trillion-dollar again as Bitcoin retrieved $40K and some of the alts, such as Polkadot (DOT), made vast 24-hour gains.

Ethereum 2.0 launch: What to Expect?

The Ethereum price came back to long-term resistance above $600 just at the Beacon Chain launch day. Is it a sign of the next bull run? What can we expect from the upgraded roadmap and new blockchain?

Investors Leave Gold Markets to Enter Crypto

ETF provider CoinShares released the latest Digital Asset Fund Flows report indicating that investors are going out of gold markets and enter virtual currencies

Biden Freezes Treasury's Proposed Crypto Wallet Rules

The first day after his inauguration, President Biden told federal agencies that his appointees will have to review all ongoing rules. President Biden freezes all new or pending from the times of Trump rules until his administration reviews them.

Will Bitcoin hit $100k?

Bitcoin is created to have a limited supply, which makes only 21 mln coins. Today it is becoming harder to get, as 88% of the whole supply is already mined. It signifies that only around 2,5 mln are left to extract.

Why Jack Dorsey believes Bitcoin to be a future of payments

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and US payment company Square has been supporting Bitcoin for years. Dorsey’s Square Inc. was one of the first enterprises to integrate bitcoin into its platform in 2014.

Why is Polkadot (DOT) the next Big Thing?

Polkadot had many nicknames, but the “Ethereum killer” name which the coin used to be called in the past explains why DOT will shake the whole crypto industry.

Tyler Winklevoss about Bitcoin Reaching $500k, ETH $75k

Bitcoin is regularly being called Digital Gold, or Gold 2.0. Why are BTC and Gold stand so close to each other? Today’s gold market capitalization is $9 trillion, while the market cap of the most valuable cryptocurrency is $500 billion.

Traditional bank loan versus Bitcoin backed loan

We try to do everything we can to get a good loan. We pay bills on time, limit the number of credit cards we take out, and even pay for credit-monitoring services just to be sure we’re safe.